GCFYSL Spring 2010 Team Declaration Information  
  ***Spring 2010 Electronic Declaration Deadline: All Divisions - Sunday, January 31st***  
  ***Spring 2010 Declaration Meeting: All Divisions - Tuesday, February 2nd***  
  Team Code First Digit = Team Age   Team Code Examples  
  Team Code Middle Digit = Competition Level   FCA 201:  U12 Boys Competitive State Cup  
  Competition Level Boys Girls   EOS 411:  U14 Girls Competitive State Cup  
  Competitive SC 0 1   FSA 631:  U16 Girls Competitive Region Cup  
  Competitive RC 2 3   CFU 042:  U10 Boys Recreational A  
  Recreational A 4 7   DEL 381:  U13 Girls Recreational B  
  Recreational B 5,6 8,9   *** Please code teams properly ***  
  Team Code Third Digit Used to Distinguish Between Similar Teams in the Same Club  
  Division Codes:  CS = Competitive State Cup, CR = Competitive Region Cup,  RA = Recreational A, RB = Recreational B  
  ********ATTENTION ******** Team Code Preferred Division Alternate Division      
  Please enter an alternate division should the preferred division not be available MAI 301 CS 14CR Example    
        Insert additional lines as needed      
  Enter preferred and alternate division of play in appropriate column. Age entry is NOT required unless team requests to play in higher age group. Teams shall not be permitted to play down in a lower age group.  
      Dates of Play: Start Finish        
      All Divisions 6-Mar-2010 8-May-2010        
  Electronic or manual submission of this form to the league with associated payment of fees qualifies as acceptance of all GCFYSL rules and regulations and authorization by this club that all teams declared are official and will participate in league play for the entire season. Withdraw of teams could result in penalties to the club as per league guidelines.  
  This club certifies that players, coaches and parents will abide by the rules and regulations of GCFYSL and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action which could include suspension, disqualification, and/or monetary penalties.  
  Teams MUST be avaiable for play on dates listed on the official GCFYSL calendar. No-shows or forfeits will result in fines and possible sanctions against the team as per league guidelines.  
  Affiliate clubs declaring teams into the GCFYSL are responsible to have a representative at each league meeting. Failure to be represented will result in a $50 fine for each meeting missed.