Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League
Fall 2010 Calendar
Date Day Divisions
U10-U14 Premier U9-U14 U15-U19
18-Jul-10 Sun     Electronic Declaration
20-Jul-10 Tues     GCF Declaration Meeting
24-Jul-10 Sat       <-------  AGM Weekend
31-Jul-10 Sat      
7-Aug-10 Sat     Schedules      Posted
9-Aug-10 Mon Electronic Declaration    
12-Aug-10 Thur GCF Declaration Meeting  
14-Aug-10 Sat     Week 1 <--- Start play for U15-U19
21-Aug-10 Sat     Week 2
28-Aug-10 Sat Schedules Posted Week 3
4-Sep-10 Sat Labor Day W/E <-------  Off weekend
11-Sep-10 Sat Week 1 Week 1 Week 4 <--- Start play for U9-U14
13-Sep-10 Mon GCF Monthly Meeting
18-Sep-10 Sat Week 2 Week 2 Week 5
25-Sep-10 Sat Week 3 Week 3 Week 6
2-Oct-10 Sat Week 4 Week 4 Week 7
9-Oct-10 Sat Columbus Day W/E <-------  Off weekend
16-Oct-10 Sat Week 5 Week 5 Week 8 <--- HS tryouts 10/11 (girls) & 10/18 (boys)
23-Oct-10 Sat Week 6 Week 6  
30-Oct-10 Sat Week 7 Week 7   <-------  Daylight Savings Time Ends
6-Nov-10 Sat Week 8 Week 8  
13-Nov-10 Sat Week 9 Week 9  
20-Nov-10 Sat Week 10 Week 10   <-------  End play all teams
27-Nov-10 Sat Thanksgiving W/E
Declaration - Dates listed above may be modified as required. No division changes will be made after declaration meetings.
Game Days -  Game weekends listed above are final. U9 thru U14 divisions will be scheduled for 10 games. U15 thru U19 divisions will be scheduled for 8 games. Games may be moved to Sunday as required. All Sunday games will start no earlier than 1:00 pm.
Playoffs/Awards  -  There are no playoffs nor awards in the fall season but it is recommended by the league that scores for all games are reported.