Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League
Spring 2010 Calendar
Date Day All Age Groups                      Boys & Girls
Comp Rec
2-Jan-10 Sat    
5-Jan-10 Tue GCF Meeting
9-Jan-10 Sat    
16-Jan-10 Sat    
23-Jan-10 Sat    
30-Jan-10 Sat    
31-Jan-10 Sun *** Declaration Deadline - All Teams *** <-------  Team Entry Deadline
1-Feb-10 Mon *** GCF Declaration Meeting ***
6-Feb-10 Sat    
13-Feb-10 Sat    
20-Feb-10 Sat GCF Annual General Meeting (AGM)
27-Feb-10 Sat Spring Schedules Posted
1-Mar-10 Mon GCF Meeting
6-Mar-10 Sat Week 1 <-------  League Play Starts
13-Mar-10 Sat Week 2 <-------  Daylight Savings Time
20-Mar-10 Sat Week 3
27-Mar-10 Sat Week 4
3-Apr-10 Sat Easter W/E - No Games
5-Apr-10 Mon GCF Meeting
10-Apr-10 Sat Week 5
17-Apr-10 Sat Week 6
24-Apr-10 Sat Week 7
1-May-10 Sat Week 8
3-May-10 Mon GCF Meeting
8-May-10 Sat Make-up W/E <-------  League Play Ends
15-May-10 Sat   GCF Playoffs <-------  Rec A Only
22-May-10 Sat   DC Cup
29-May-10 Sat Memorial W/E - No Games
7-Jun-10 Mon GCF Meeting - Fall Planning
Declaration - Dates listed above may be modified as required. No division changes will be made after declaration meetings. January 31 is the declaration deadline for ALL teams/clubs. Fines will be assessed for any teams declared after the declaration deadline.
Game Days -  Game weekends listed above are final. Games may be moved to Sunday or weekdays as required. All Sunday games will start no earlier than 1:00 pm.
Playoffs/Awards  -  Division B will have a 4 team playoff based on league standings for the spring season. Location for the playoffs is TBD. Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in the playoffs.