Rules Of Play 9U Thru 19U

Revised 3/4/18

                                       GCFYSL Rules Of Play                                            


1) General Guidelines                                                                                                                                              2) Declarations
3) Registration & Player/Coach Passes
4) Rosters
5) Field and Equipment
6) Schedules and Postponements 68) Division 1 & 2 schedules
7) Rescheduling of Games
8) Uniforms and Player Equipment
9) Referees
10) Coaching
11) Game Play
12) Unruly Spectators
13) Protest, Fines and Discipline
14) Summary Details

Revised March 4, 2018 


1) General guidelines for league play are provided by FIFA Laws Of The Game with adjustments based
for youth soccer and the league approved modifications herein.
2) Recommended levels of play consist of:                                                                                                                    A. 9U thru 19U - Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4.
    B. llU - Divisionl (Florida Commissioner's Cup), Division 2, Division 3, & Division 4
    C. 12U - Division 1 (Florida President's Cup), Division 2 (Florida Commissioner's Cup), Division 3,
and Division 4.
    D. 13U thru 19U - Division 1 (Florida State Cup), Division 2 (Florida President's Cup), and Division 3
(Florida Commissioner's Cup)
    E. 8U -All true 8U teams will participate in the 9U Developmental Division.
3) At check-in each team shall give the referee two FYSA rosters and the player/coach's passes. The
referee will provide the second FYSA roster to the opposite coach.
4) Any player or coach that does not have a current laminated pass and/or is not printed on the official
FYSA roster presented at check-in, may not play or participate in any FYSA sanctioned game:.
Player's or coach's names may NOT be written onto the roster. Any referee that allows an
unregistered player to participate is subject to suspension and potential liability. NO PASS - NO

5) The home club is responsible for retaining all game reports for two calendar years. These reports
must be immediately furnished at the request of the GCFYSL or FYSA.
6) Division 1 and 2 - At the end of the seasonal year the top 2 teams in each division, and age bracket,
will be given awards. This applies to age groups 11U thru 19U.
7) Division 3 - At the end of the seasonal year the top 4 teams from each age bracket will participate
in the GCFYSL Playoff Tournament. This applies to age groups 11U thru 19U.
8) No tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or weapons of any kind shall be used, consumed or dispersed by
coaches, assistants, referees, parents, or players on or around the field of play, before, during or
after the game.


1) Teams must have a minimum of 7 players on their roster before they can be declared into the
league. 11U and 12U must have 6. 9U and lOU must have 5.
2) Clubs shall be responsible for placing teams in the appropriate age, gender, and competition level
divisions as defined by FYSA guidelines. Team classifications/codes shall be reflective of the proper
age and gender for each team.
3) The GCFYSL reserves the right to promote or relegate teams in their age competition bracket to
help ensure competitive balance.
4) Once a team is declared in a specific playing level (i.e. Division 1,2,3, or 4) that is the level of play
that they will stay at for that season, unless rule 3 is used.
5) Declaration dates are defined per the approved seasonal GCFYSL calendar. Clubs not filing
electronic declarations per the mandated calendar may be fined $20.00 per team.
6) Girls teams SHALL BE PEERMITTED to participate in boys divisions. Boys teams MAY NOT
participate in girls divisions, regardless of age. Coed teams may participate only in boys divisions.
7) All clubs MUST provide Point Of Contact (POC) information to be published on the GCF website.
This is name, email address, and CELL phone number. Lack of contact information may be cause for
removal of teams from the schedules.
8) Penalty- Teams withdrawing from league play after schedules have been posted will be fined full
forfeit fees for each scheduled game up to a maximum of $500.00.
9) Clubs must have all outstanding debt settled prior to each season's declaration meeting. Failure to
comply will result in denial of a club's declarations for that season.


1) All players and coaches are required to be properly registered before they can participate in league
activities. Only players and coaches with a valid player/coach's pass will be allowed to participate in
league games. NO PASS, NO PLAY.
2) Teams must provide player/coaches passes AND two FYSA rosters at the start of each game to the
referee. Teams not providing passes and/or FYSA rosters will not be allowed to play the game. The
reschedule rule will apply. If it is the away team without the proper passes and/or rosters, the away
team will be responsible for reimbursing the home club the referee fees.
3) All players and coaches must be registered through GotSoccer.
4) All passes must have:
   A. A current (within the last 6 months) picture affixed to the pass under the lamination.
   B. The pass must be laminated to where defacing or altering or altering of the pass is not possible.
   C. The club's registrar's signature on the front of the pass.
5) All FYSA rosters must contain player identification numbers. The roster player identification
number must match the player identification number on the pass.
6) Penalty- If a player or coach participates in a game without proper registration, (pass or roster),
his/her team will automatically forfeit the game. A $200 forfeit fee will apply. In addition, the club,
coach, and/or player may be subject to additional disciplinary action per FYSA rules or as the league
may deem appropriate. The referee crew may also be subject to disciplinary action by FSR.


1) All Divisions - The GCFYSL does not permit guest players during league or playoff games.
2) Division 1 and Division 2 Rosters - Each team is allowed 5 intra-club Secondary players. These
players MUST appear on that team's FYSA roster at the time of check-in.
3) Players that are "Primary" rostered to Division 2, 3, and 4 teams can only be "Secondary"
rostered to a team in an equal or higher division. Players that are "Primary" rostered to a Division
1 team may only be "Secondary" rostered to a Division 1 or Division 2 team.

4) Division 1 and 2 rosters are allowed a maximum of five (5) "Secondary" players. Division 3 and 4
rosters are not limited on the number of "Secondary" players.
5) All Divisions- Club passes are not allowed.
6) All Divisions - FYSA roster sizes per age group are to be applied.
7) All Divisions- FYSA accredited Academies shall be able to play in the GCFYSL with a FYSA event
roster in lieu of an official FYSA roster. Accredited FYSA Academy teams must maintain the FYSA
Academy rules of competition. This means rosters must rotate players from week to week. No
Academy team shall be eligible for playoffs and must forfeit the right to compete if it becomes
8) Division 1 and Division 2- An FYSA roster will be used to allow movement to and from the team.
9) There will be 2 rosters given to the referee at the time of check-in. One for the referee and another
for the opposing coach.


1) The field (USSF recommended) dimensions are as followed:
   A. 9U & l0U: 65 yards long x 35-45 yards wide
   B. 11U & 12U: 70-80 yards long x 45-55 yards wide
   C. 13U and above: Length - 100 yards minimum and 130 yards maximum.
                                  Width - 50 yards minimum and 100 yards maximum.
2) The designated home team will be responsible for the condition of the grounds, proper field
marking in accordance with published schedule.
3) The home team is responsible for providing the game balls, but it is the responsibility of both
teams to have an appropriate game ball. The referee is responsible for the selection of the
game ball.
4) Ball sizes are: 9U thru 12U - size 4. 13U thru 19U - size 5.
5) All teams are responsible for keeping their spectator area, as well as their team areas, clean and
6) Goal nets are mandatory. No games shall be started without nets. Lack of goal nets will be
cause to award forfeiture to the visiting team. In case of nets in disrepair, the home team will
be responsible for the repair of the nets. It will be the discretion of the referee if the nets are
sufficiently ready for the game to be played.
7) Goals must be properly anchored. The game will not start until the referees have determined
that both goals are safe to be used. Any club and/or referee that is caught playing a game with
unsecured goals will be subject to disciplinary action by the league, and possibly FYSA. Any
allegations should be filed with the GCFYSL 2nd Vice President.
8) Corner flags are required. No cones, bicycle flags or other markers are permitted, unless no
other option is available. It is the discretion of the referee to start the game using any other
items. A Supplemental Game Report must be filed by the referee with the GCFYSL 2nd Vice
President if any other items are used.
9) The center referee is the sole judge as to the playability of the field, except when the fields'
complex supervisors (city or county, etc.) determine that the fields are unplayable prior to


1) All schedules will be published through GotSoccer.
2) Games must be played and completed in accordance with the officially published schedule. All
open dates, along with any other dates with which a team has a conflict, must be submitted
prior to the declaration meeting for their age group. All schedules are final when published.
3) Negligence in requesting "blackout dates" may result in forfeits and/or fines to the
offending club.
4) Any team that does not provide a list of available play dates equal to or greater than the
number of games to be played in a season may be denied or dropped from GCFYSL
5) With the exception of neutral site games, it is the home club's responsibility to set all start
times and field locations in a timely fashion.
6) Game time is forfeit time. There is no grace period. This rule is governed by the principal
of "fair play".
Extraordinary situations should be considered by the referee.
7) In the event the start of a game is delayed due to weather, injury, etc., the referee shall
have the option of shortening the length of each half equally, and any following games by
the same shortening of each half to maintain the field schedule. The team captains shall
be notified prior to the start of the game.
8) Games stopped due to weather or injury in the first half are subject to reschedule at the
option of the league. In the second half, the game will be deemed completed.
9) After the game has begun, the referee shall remain the arbiter of any decision regarding
inclement weather that arises. This includes lightning (in the case where a field has a
lightning alert system, the referee will abide by the alerts), unsafe field conditions in the
event of a downpour, etc. The referee must use the 30/30 rule in regards to lightning and
thunder. If you can hear thunder then the lightning is close enough to strike. Get off of the
field immediately and have the players go to their respective cars, or a building that is
grounded and safe from lightning. Referees should inform each coach of their
whereabouts so as to keep them informed with what is going on. When the game has
been stopped due to lightning, the game cannot be restarted until 30 minutes has passed
from the last seen lightning.
10) Before the game has begun, the Club President, or his/her designee, after notifying the
League President, or the 1st VP, is provided the authority to cancel games under the
following conditions:
   A. The game field has been subjected to rainfall equal to or greater than two inches (2"
accumulated) during the twenty-four hour (24) period preceding game time, OR
   B. The majority of the active playing area will not allow the ball to travel via rolling or
bouncing in a manner conducive to safe play. (i.e. the ball skids wildly or stops
unexpectedly in areas most traveled by the players.)
11) Any weather related game cancellations, prior to their start, shall be rescheduled at the
earliest possible time.
12) GCFYSL PLAYOFFS- If weather stops a game from beginning, and there is no possibility of
a make-up date, then a winner will be determined by a coin toss.
13) Referee crews assigned to consecutively scheduled games, will be paid for the first game
canceled whenever approval has been granted by the League President for cancellation of
the remaining games scheduled for a given field on a given date.


1) Entry into Division 1 and Division 2 will not be limited to just GCFYSL affiliated clubs.
Declaration fees for teams not affiliated with the GCFYSL will be the same as the other
2) Typically, teams will be scheduled one game each week of the season. If deemed
necessary by the scheduler, a second game may be scheduled on a Sunday. Teams will
only be scheduled two games on the same day with a prior agreement between the
league scheduler and club.


1) The rescheduling of any GCFYSL game is only considered official when certified by each club's
Point of Contact and submitted to the GCFYSL scheduler. Coaches MAY NOT reschedule any
game without notifying their own club's Point of Contact and obtaining an agreement from
the opposing club's Point of Contact. Coaches are allowed to discuss the terms of a
reschedule with each other, but all agreements must be passed on to their club's Point of
Contact for submission to the GCFYSL. Any game that has a reschedule mishandled by a
coach will result in a forfeit for their team and is subject to all fines.
2) All reschedule agreements must be immediately submitted to by
either club's Point of Contact. Reschedule agreements must be submitted to the GCFYSL in an
individual email with the game number in the subject line and should include the email chain
from the reschedule negotiations. Do not include the GCFYSL during the negotiation
process. Only forward to the GCFYSL after the final agreement has been reached.
3) All rescheduling requests required by a weather cancelation or advancement in State Cup,
Commissioner's Cup and President's Cup must be obliged. Teams that advance in FYSA Cup
events should notify their opponents Point of Contact of upcoming scheduling conflicts
immediately upon advancement. Any team that does not notify their opponents of
advancement in a timely manner may be held responsible for the reimbursement of referee
fees of a postponed match as determined by the GCFYSL.
4) Starting from the day a season's schedule is released by the GCFYSL, there shall be a five (5)
day grace period for clubs to make reschedule requests to the opposing club for errors on the
part of the GCFYSL scheduler. Every effort to oblige these request should be made by all
5) 10 DAY RULE - With the exception of the first week of a season, the initial request for
reschedules for reasons other than previously stated (FYSA Cup's and weather) must be
made to the opposing club via email AT LEAST 10 DAYS PRIOR TO A GAME. All reasonable
requests made 10 days or more prior should be considered and granted if a sufficient open
date for both teams is available before the conclusion of league play. I a request is made less
than 10 days prior to a match, clubs are still allowed to agree to a reschedule, but the club
receiving the request IS NOT obligated to grant the request.
6} All properly submitted reschedule request must be replied to within four (4) days of the
initial contact.
7) Refer to PART 13 for forfeit fine standards.


1) The home team shall wear white, or light colored jerseys, and socks matching jerseys. The 
visiting team shall wear dark colored jerseys and socks that match the jerseys.
When colors
of competing teams are identical or similar, the designated home team must change to colors
distinctive from their opponent. Visiting teams MAY NOT intentionally wear their white/light
kits to force the home team to change into dark kits. It is the sole discretion of the referee as
to the color of the uniforms being ok to play the game.
2) The uniform, or jersey, of the goalkeepers must be distinctly different in color from the basic
colors of both competing teams.
3) Player's uniform numbers (approximately 6" in height) are to be affixed to the back of the
uniform shirt. No two players from the same team may have the same numbered jersey. At
the referee's discretion, other means of identification may be used when alternate numbered
jerseys are not available.
4) Players wearing an orthopedic cast, or metal brace, of any kind shall not be eligible to
participate in any game.
If a player is wearing a cast of any kind, padded or not, that player
SHALL NOT be allowed to participate in any GCFYSL game. This conforms to FVSA rules.
5) Players wearing a soft brace (not metal) may be allowed to participate in a GCFYSL game with
written approval from a doctor, and judgement as to its safety will be at the discretion of the
referee. This pertains to a soft brace only.
6) All players are required to wear manufacturer's protective shin guards that are of a proper
size and age appropriate
while participating in a game. They will be worn beneath the game
socks and in a manner to protect the player's lower leg (shinbone). This is usually 2 inches
above the top of the shoe, and to the bottom of the shin guard.
7) Shoes shall be of a type specifically designed for soccer. No baseball cleats, with the front
cleat on the bottom being in the front of the shoe, can be worn.
8) No jewelry of any kind shall be worn in any league game. Nothing is to be around the neck or
wrist at any time during the match. Religious symbols and medical bracelets may be worn, but
must be taped down and covered.


1) Clubs may not alter the referee fees unless authorized by the GCFYSL.
2) The referees' fees for all sanctioned games shall be:

    AGE             REFEREE       ASST REF         TOTAL
9U / lOU              $40              If no AR'S              $40
9U / lOU              $30                  $15                    $60
11U / 12U            $40                  $20                    $80
13U / 14U            $50                  $25                   $100
15U / 16U            $60                  $30                   $120
17U-19U              $70                  $35                   $140

3) At check-in each team shall give the referee two FYSA rosters and the player/coach's passes.
The referee will provide the second FYSA roster to the opposite coach.
4) The referees are to perform a proper check-in to see that all players are properly equipped and
that all players are on the FYSA roster, and have a legal player pass. All passes will be held by
the referee and given back at the end of the game, except in the instances of Referee Abuse
and Referee Assault.
   A. No other form of roster may be used. Gotsoccer game cards are not allowed.
   B. The referee is also the go to person in cases of coaches' challenge of player credentials,
field conditions, etc.
5) If a player receives a red card, or if a coach is dismissed for Irresponsible Behavior, the referee
MUST email the Game Report, both teams' rosters and a Supplemental Game Report, within
48 hours of the game to the VP of discipline at The home club's
referee assignor should also be sent a copy.
6) The referee should also do a Supplemental Game Report for any unusual situations such as
serious injuries, game stoppages and "no-shows", etc., to the league to the league's VP of
Discipline at Again, the home clubs' referee assignor should also be
sent a copy.
7) Minimum Players - The referee shall not start any game if a team has fewer than:
   A. 9U and l0U - Five (5) eligible players including a goalkeeper.
   B. 11U and 12U - Six (6) eligible players including a goalkeeper.
   C. 13U thru U19 - Seven (7) eligible players including a goalkeeper.
8) Referee's MUST NOT engage unruly parents. The referee MUST go to the coach, not the
9) When a game is stopped by the referee because of a unruly spectator:
   A. The referee may ask the coach to issue a warning to the unruly spectator.
   B. If the referee asks the coach to remove the unruly spectator:
      a) Coach asks the unruly spectator to leave and the unruly spectator complies, then
game continues and no discipline to coach.
      b) Coach asks the unruly spectator to leave and the unruly spectator refuses, the game
is a forfeit and no discipline to the coach.
      c) Coach refuses to ask the unruly spectator to leave, in violation of FYSA Policy, the
game is forfeited and the GCFYSL will suspend the coach for 2 games and fine the
coach $200, for first violation. For each violation thereafter, the suspension and fine
are doubled.
10) The referee MUST go to the coach first, not the unruly spectator. If the referee goes to the
unruly spectator then there will be no discipline to the coach, and the referee may be subject
to an FSR discipline.
11) Following the match, the referee MUST file a Supplemental Game Report with the details of
the unruly spectator's and coach's actions. The report will be provided to the home club's
referee assignor, both clubs involved in the match, and the GCF 2nd VP of discipline, the GCFYSL
President, and the FYSA Region B Vice President. Upon review, further action may be taken by
the Club, GCF, and or FYSA.


1) Coaching from the team's Technical Area is permitted for the purpose of instruction and
encouragement of the players. NO DEROGATORY REMARKS TO PLAYERS, OTHER
Referees and
Field Marshals have the authority to request that the coach remove any person from the
area in sight of the playing field or complex.

2) The coach is responsible for the behavior of his/her team parents.
3} See Part 9, rule 9.
4) The coaching staff, substitutes, and substituted players must remain in their teams
Technical Area while the game is in progress. When lined, the Technical Area shall comply
with Law's of the Game #1. When the Technical Area is unmarked, it will be deemed one
(1) yard from the bench and one (1) yard off ofthe touchline.
5) The Technical Areas will be on the opposite side of the field from the spectators' side. No
person is allowed in the Technical Area without a proper FYSA pass and shall be limited to
the coach, no more than two assistant coaches and players. Players serving red cards are
also allowed to be on the bench, but not in uniform.
6) Coaches may not use mechanical, or electrical, devices such as voice amplifiers, cell
phones, horns, etc., in aiding them in coaching during the game. The referee shall be the
final authority in determining if a coach is in violation.
7) Coach Sendoffs - Coaches that have been sent off must leave the view of the field. A coach
that is serving their suspension CANNOT be at the field where the team, that they were
coaching when sent off, is playing. The assistant coach, or person filling in as coach, must
present to the referee the "Games Served" sheet for them to sign. This is the same form
used for the players. This must be sent to the GCF 2nd VP before they are cleared.


1) The length of each match will be the approved length for each age bracket as determined
by FYSA and US Youth Soccer.

   9U and 10U              2 - 25 minute halves
   11U and 12U            2 - 30 minute halves
   13U and 14U            2 - 35 minute halves
   15U and 16U            2 - 40 minute halves
   17U thru 19U            2 - 45 minute halves

2) Halftime intermission will be 10 minutes for all age brackets.
3) There will be a ONE minute re-hydration break halfway through each half of all age
bracketed games. The clock will not stop during the break.
4) Substitution - There will be unlimited substitutions at any stoppage of play. All
substitutions are at the referee's discretion. All substitutes are to be at the midfield line
before the stoppage of play. Substitutions from the bench are prohibited except when
substituting for an injured player.
5) When play is stopped for an injured player:
   A. The injured player must leave the field when treated by coaching/medical personnel on
the field.When medical attention is not needed, the injured player does not have to
leave the field.
B. If an injured player leaves the field they can be replaced by a teammate. If the opposing
team wants to do a substitution at this time they may not. If the injured players team
wishes to substitute other players at this time then the opposing team may substitute
as well.
C. Injured players may return to the game at the next regular stoppage in play, AND at the
referee's discretion.
6) Mercy Rule - The mercy rule becomes effective when there is an eight goal differential and
the referee will end the match, at:
   A. The end of the first half, or
   B. Any time during the second half.
   C. This applies to age groups 11U to 19U.
7) Players arriving after the match has begun may enter the game at any proper substitution
time after the referee has checked their equipment, player pass, and FYSA roster.
8) The home club is responsible for reporting the result of a GCFYSL game in GotSoccer. If a
score is not reported within 24 hours, the visiting club may report the result.
9) At the conclusion of the season, if any game's result has not been posted to GotSoccer, the
game will be considered un-played and both teams are subject to a $150.00 fine.
10} All games deemed as a forfeit by the GCFYSL shall be entered as a 3-0 result.


1) Spectators are to be on the opposite side of the playing field from the players.
2) Spectators are to be at least three yards off of the touchline so to give players and
assistant referee's room to operate.
3) No spectators are allowed to sit or stand behind the goals, or the end lines.
4) No noise makers, whistles, horns, cowbells, etc., are allowed.
5) Spectators will be told to leave the field if they are yelling derogatory comments to any
participants on the field, other parents or coaches. Remember, the game is for our kids
and we need them. We don't need the unruly spectators.

6) The coach is in charge of his/her spectators. If the coach tells you to leave, the game will
not restart until you are out of the sight of the field. If the spectator doesn't leave then
the game could end in a forfeit.
7) Florida Statute 784.081- crime - Assault or battery against a sports official actively
participating in an athletic contest or immediately after. Penalty:
A. Aggravated battery: pt degree felony - up to 30 years in prison, up to $10000. Fine,
or both.
B. Aggravated assault : 2nd degree felony - up to 15 years in prison, up to $10000. Fine,
or both.
C. Battery : 3rd degree felony- up to 5 years in prison, up to $5000. Fine, or both.
D. Assault : pt degree misdemeanor - up to 1 year in prison, up to $1000. Fine, or both.
                        YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF, IS IT WORTH IT?


1) For games played under protest, a written report must be forwarded to the within 48 hours of the game. You can use the same process as
noted under Part 9. Rule 5. The report must contain the essential facts of the case and
the basis on which the protest is submitted. The protest must be accompanied by a fee of
$25.00, which shall be returned if the protest is sustained. In addition, the referee must
be notified of the protest not later than the end of the game. No protest MAY be filed
after the games' final whistle by the referee. Protests will be resolved by the League's
Board of Representatives. The respective clubs shall be notified of the time of the protest
hearing, and have the option to attend. The protest must be heard within 30 days of the
filed protest.
2) Video Usage - Video sent to the GCFYSL for the purpose of alerting us to a certain
situation, or certain plays, is permitted as long as it is understood that the boards decision
will be final. Video can only be used to determine the length of suspension in the case of a
red card. Video can only be sent by a clubs official representative. Not by a parent.
3} Videos' will not be used during a game by referee's, coaches, or club representatives to
determine the outcome of a play.

1) Forfeit Fines - All forfeit fines will be administered internally between the First Vice
President and the Treasurer. Each clubs' GCFYSL account will be either credited or deducted
depending on the necessary action needed.
   A. A team which is a "no show", and does not call will be fined $500, and is responsible to
reimburse the home club for the referee crew's fees.
   B. A team which has called in accordance with the 10 day rule ( up to 9:00AM on gameday) and cancels will be fined $250., and is responsible to reimburse the home club for
the referee crew's fees.
   C. Make-up games not played by the end of the season will be fined $150.
   D. Reschedule requests and other communications MUST be through both club's Point of
2) Red Cards and Coach Dismissals - All red card fines will be paid by the carded
coach/players' club as noted on the GCFYSL website,, and shall be
invoiced by the Treasurer. It is the club's responsibility to be reimbursed from the offending
player or coach. All fines are to be paid to the GCF Treasurer.
   A. Any player receiving a red card in a GCFYSL game is automatically suspended from their
next FYSA sanctioned match regardless of notification of discipline from the GCFYSL or
FYSA. Players may be suspended from additional games by the GCFYSL or FYSA. The fine
will be $50. paid by the club to the GCFYSL Treasurer.
   B. Any coach dismissed from a GCFYSL game is automatically suspended from their next
two (2) FYSA sanctioned matches regardless of notification of discipline from the GCFYSL
or FYSA. Coaches may be suspended from additional games by the GCFVSL or FYSA. The
fine will be $100. paid by the club to the GCFYSL Treasurer.
   C. The player/coach will be suspended in GotSoccer until such time when GCF has received
the red card fine and also the "Game Served" report. Then, and only then, can the
player/coach return to the pitch.
3) No shows for GCFYSL meeting by affiliated clubs
   A. First meeting - $50.00
   B. Second meeting - $100.00
   C. Third meeting - $150.00
   D. Fourth meeting - Club is moved to Associate Member Status.
4) Late Fee For Invoices
   A. 30 days late - 10% of the invoice amount
   B. 60 days late - 20% of the invoice amount


  Age     Roster   Dress   Roster   Player   Player   Ball   Length   Center   Assistant
                 Max    Bench    MIn        Max       Min      Size      of       Referee    Referee
                              Max                                                         Halve       Pay           Pay       
   9U          12         12          6            7             5          4*      2x25       $30           $15
                                                                                                             $40 if no AR's
  10U         12         12          6            7             5          4        2x25      $30           $15
                                                                                                             $40 if no AR's
  11U         16         16          8            9             6          4        2x30      $40           $20
  12U         16         16          8            9             6          4        2x30      $40           $20
  13U         22         18         11          11             7          5       2x35      $50           $25
  14U         22         18         11          11             7          5       2x35      $50           $25
  15U         22         18         11          11             7          5       2x40      $60           $30
  16U         22         18         11          11             7          5       2x40      $60           $30
  17U         22         18         11          11             7          5       2x45      $70           $35

                                    18U and 19U are the same as 17U                                       

* 8U Will Be Under the 9U Rules, Other Than They Will Use A Size 3 Ball.