2017 Scholarship Applicants

Summary of Process

To the people that don't see your name on the right. We had 28 applicants going for 17 awards. Everyone was so deserving. We came up with a little extra money for four more smaller awards. We were so happy to have this many applications, the most ever, but this also made it very difficult to pick. Yes the GPA was one of the biggest items, but we looked at how long the person was associated with GCF along with their essey's, what type of person they are. Having everything that was required in their packets also would affect things as well. We set up our awards program much the same as other awards in that we wish we had enough for eveeryone. We have a budget for 2 winners and 15 scholarships. This year we were blessed to have 2000.00 from other sources so we could add a few more to the list.

Everyone who applied is going to be very successful in life. I was amazed at the GPA level of everyone. So please, from the bottoms of our hearts, we are sorry that there were a few that didn't receive a scholarship. The average GPA for the entire group was 4.34. This was the highest ever. Thank you and Good luck!!

Ed Mallardi and Suzy Reno Scholarships

2016 - 2017

Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League Ed Mallardi and Suzy Reno Scholarships


Each year the Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League (GCFYSL) offers graduating high school seniors who have participated in the youth soccer programs in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Volusia counties, the opportunity to apply for the Ed Mallardi and Suzy Reno Scholarships.  For GCF Soccer Year 2016 - 2017, players and young referees who both fit the criteria AND who submit the required application package by the April 23, 2017  deadline will be eligible to receive a scholarship.  You may apply for both but only one scholarship will be awarded to each successful applicant. This is a single year scholarship.


The application deadline is Sunday, April 23, 2017

The awards committee will be announcing the recipients at the GCF Monthly Meeting in May, currently scheduled to be held on Monday, May 8, 2017.  All scholarship recipients will also be notified via email and/or phone on Friday, May 12, 2017 There will be the 2 award winners and 15 scholarship winners. The 2 award winners will receive $2000.00 each and the scholarship winners will receive 1000.00 each. Awards will be given out at the Monday, June 19, 2017 meeting.


Send completed application package to: GCFYSL Scholarships c/o PO Box 700146, St. Cloud, Fl. 34770.


Suzy Reno Player Award Eligibility Criteria (Youth Soccer Players):

Played for a GCFYSL affiliated club(s) for at least three years (six seasons).  

Has a 3.00 or Higher GPA for the past School Year.

Must be a graduating high school senior.

Has a letter of acceptance from a college or university.

The applicant must also provide the committee with a Scholarship Resume in a single package.


Ed Mallardi Referee Award Eligibility Criteria (Youth Soccer Referees):

Refereed for GCFYSL affiliated clubs for at least three years (six seasons).

Has a 3.00 or Higher GPA for the past School Year.

Must be a graduating high school senior.

Has a letter of acceptance from a college or university.

The applicant must also provide the committee with a Scholarship Resume in a single package.


Scholarship Resume shall contain the following:

Full Name

Home Address

Parent Contact Information (email address(es), phone number(s))

Social Security Number


Players – Player Pass Number

Referees – USSF Number

Dates and Club participation

Volunteer information

College Plans

An Essay on “The life lessons learned through Soccer  ”

Two letters of recommendation

A SEALED copy of High School Transcripts A copy of the College acceptance letter.



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2017 Suzy Reno/Ed Millardi Award Winners

To Be Presented Wednesday June 7 at 7:00pm

Suzy Reno (player) Award Winner - Veronica Eslava

Ed Mallardi (referee) Award Winner - Emma Honis

1000.00 Award Winners

Olivia Page

Megan Primo

Valentina Eslava

Nathan Wendling

Jacey Reece

Joshua Mayr

Parker Holland

Tiffani Priebe

Bradley Sisk

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Trevor Fournier

Amber Jones

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500.00 Award Winners

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We Have Changed The Name of the GCF Scholarships

Suzy Reno Youth Player Award / Ed Mallardi Youth Referee Award

Suzy Reno

She was born in Paris France on August 10, 1932. Her and her husband moved to the US and resided in Sanford, Florida. Her son Phillip (the original scholarship name holder) got involved in...

2016 GCF Scholarship Winners


Rudy Spueller Award - Blake Gentry

Phillip Reno Award - Kaley Hyatt

1000.00 Award Winners

Sebastian Lopez

Canyon Huff

Emily Burardt

Reagan Patrick McMahon

Caitlyn Marie Brown

Noah T. Welch

Kathryn Dingman

Tyler Wayne Frost

Lucas Gregory Hanson

Jena Marie Tilleman

Tatiana Ivette Gonzalez

Luke Grenslade Shafter

Jordan Michelle Gines

Meghan Precord

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