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Suzy Reno Youth Player Award / Ed Mallardi Youth Referee Award

Suzy Reno

She was born in Paris France on August 10, 1932. Her and her husband moved to the US and resided in Sanford, Florida. Her son Phillip (the original scholarship name holder) got involved in soccer at an early age and that is what got Suzy to be involved as well. She served as our B1 District Commissioner for around 20 years or more and was inducted into the FYSA Hall Of Fame in 2002. With her strong french accent and her pasion for youth soccer, she has helped to build youth soccer in Central Florida to what it is today. The DC Cup was her real pasion because it was mainly for the kids that maybe weren't the most gifted of soccer players, but just loved the game. We lost Suzy in 2015, but her memory lives on through the youth that play soccer in our community. For this reason we honor Suzy by giving a 2000.00 scholarship, each year, to the top youth soccer player from GCF in her name.

Edward "Ed" Mallardi

Ed was born in Brooklyn New York on June 4, 1948. He and his wife Lisa moved to Deltona and then to Fern Park where they raised their family. In 1982 Ed became the director of the Orange County Division of the Florida Soccer League. In 1985 he started the first girls soccer team at Bishop Moore High School. Since then they have won 5 state championships. He has helped three different soccer clubs get their start, including the Maitland Soccer Club which he was the president of for 14 years. Ed was also along time member the GCF Board of Directors in which he helped start. He was our director of discipline for as far back as I can remember. We lost Ed in 2008 but his love for helping the youth in our area will live on. He devoted his life to his family and the youth of Central Florida. For this reason we honor Ed by giving a 2000.00 scholarship, each year, to the top youth referee from GCF in his name.

Phillip Reno

He was the son of Suzy Reno, our long time B1 DC, who lost his life as a youth. GCF honored his life by naming one of our scholorships in his name.

Rudolp "Rudy" Spueller

He is widely known as the "father" of youth soccer in Central Florida. He and a few other men started the Orange Soccer Club in 1964 which later became the Orlando Soccer CLub. He helped start youth soccer in our area. GCF honored his life by naming a scholarship in his honor.

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