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Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League

Upcoming Events

POC List

Schedules Posted!

We have the schedules for this weekend's games posted. We will be posting the rest of the schedule in the next few days. We are still having new teams being added as we speak. This has been a crazy year! Thank you for your patience. 

Next GCF League Meeting

The next GCF meeting will be Monday, October 5 at 7:30 pm. It will be a virtual meeting on GoToMeeting. I will be posting the meeting invitation on this website and sending it to the club personnel. Thank you!

2020 GCF College Scholarship Winners!

Suzy Reno Scholarship Winner - Emma Leathers

Ed Mallardi Scholarship Winner - Noah Gregory

                    GCF Scholarship Winners                           

Brooke Andrews                                  Hannah Archibald

Jenna Butcofski                                    Mia Gluckman

Micah Duvall Harper                         Madison Hill

Cody Huff                                                Michael Leo

Joseph McCormick                             Samuel McCormick

James McCoy                                        Ethan McTarsney

Francisco Mikedis                               Sebastian Miller

Luke Norton                                          John D. Sanford

Matthew Sterling                                Zachary Wood

William Diaz-Zapata                         

Soccer Headlines

August 30 FYSA BOD Meeting

By FYSA 09/03/2020, 12:45pm EDT


The FYSA Board of Directors is streaming a special BOD Meeting this Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 4:00 PM EDT. Our membership can watch the live stream via our YouTube page here:



Associating a New Club with GCF

Got Soccer requires each team to apply for association with GCF. This is a simple process and only needs to be done once. After your club's initial acceptance, your association with GCF will carry over from season to season. Once your initial club association is finalized, you will then be able to place your teams into the appropriate division.

Instructions for associating your club with GCF:

1) Log into your GOT Soccer Organization account and select the "Home" tab.

2) In the navy blue menu bar, select "Events".

3) In the gray menu bar, select "Search".

4) In the Find Event search tool, type "GCF" for the Event Name and click "GO".

5) In the search results, click on upcoming "GCFYSL Fall/Spring 20__ Season".

6) In the box, League Application Form, locate the Club Application and click on "Apply Now". (Please do NOT use the Team Application at this time.)

7) Click on "Apply to GCFYSL Fall/Spring 20__ Season".

8) Click on "Join League".

9) A pop-up window may appear notifying you that you may add teams at a later date, click OK.

10) Your club association with GCF is now complete!

Checkout the Club pages!

Each club has its own separate webpage. Full of pictures, news, and information about each club. So please check it out! Just click on the "Clubs" icon above and go to your favorite club's page.

The Form Below Must Be Signed By Each Player And Coach Before Participating

Quick Links

Parents Page

We have a "For Parents" page above under "Players" that has information and articles that all parents need to know. Check it out!

Mobile Website

You can also access our website on your phone, or other devices, by going to

FYSA Risk Management Guidlines

As we begin to prepare for the 2020-2021 seasonal year, please be advised of the below new/updated FYSA Risk Management requirements:


Background Checks:

All adult members may begin submitting 2020-2021 backgrounds checks as of June 1, 2020. It is imperative that clubs set a GotSoccer completive level of 'archive' for accounts of individuals that you do NOT want to submit a background check. Any account that does not have a GotSoccer competitive level of 'Archive" will be able to submit a background check and your club will be invoiced. Example: If a coach moves to a different club, but submits a background check from an account in your club (not archived) then your club will be billed for their background check.

FYSA will begin billing July 1, 2020 and on the 1 st of each month thereafter for background checks. There are no refunds of background check fees.


Sanctioned Tournament Background Check Compliance

Effective immediately, FYSA sanctioned events (predominately applies to tournaments) shall not accept Florida club coach passcards from US Club Soccer. Out-of-state US Club Soccer coach passcards are permitted. US Club Soccer's background check does not meet the standards outlined in Florida Statute 943.0438. Please note this only applies to coach passcards (background checks). Unrestricted tournaments may allow players from any soccer sanctioning body.

Any soccer sanctioning body that fails to meet coach background screening in accordance with Florida Statute 943.0438 and is not screening annually, shall not participate in any FYSA sanctioned activities, including, without limitation, unrestricted tournaments.


Sexual Abuse Prevention Training (SafeSport):

All adult members of FYSA are required to complete SafeSport online training, or the recertification via GotSoccer. Ensure coaches, staff and volunteers understand they must use the same email address they used for the initial training (to avoid having to retake the first training). Coaches and managers cannot be assigned to teams until they complete the SafeSport training.


Abuse Helpline

At FYSA, our number one priority is ensuring our soccer players have a safe, positive, and enriching experience in our game. FYSA has partnered with Praesidium, the national leader in child abuse prevention, to provide a confidential helpline for all players, coaches, and parents.  Praesidium has worked with over 4,000 youth-serving organizations across the nation for over 25 years to help prevent abuse of any kind directed at youth and to prevent false allegations of abuse.

If you ever have a concern related to any child's safety, please feel free to call Praesidium's helpline at (866) 607-7233 24 hours a day.   This number and information will be communicated to FYSA players periodically throughout the season.


New Risk Management Policy:

FYSA has adopted a new Risk Management Policy. It is linked here and on the FYSA website. This policy is quite lengthy and encompasses all things risk management. This policy formalizes FYSA stance and obligations under the SafeSport Act of 2017, Florida Statute 943.0438 (concussions and background checks), USYS Risk Management Policies, US Soccer recommendations, best practices etc. 

It is the duty of each affiliate to ensure board, staff, coaches, volunteers, parents and players are aware of this policy. We encourage you to include this policy in your registrations, as well as, distribute this policy to your entire club. It is important that we all understand the inherent risk to our youth players and act accordingly.


Concussion management:

It is required that all FYSA adult members complete the online CDC Heads Up Concussion Training module. The certification is valid for two years . Additionally, FYSA adheres to the requirements for concussion management and protocol as stated in Florida Statute 943.0438. Compliance includes:

  1. Delivering concussion education to all registered FYSA members
  2. Requirement of an informed consent waiver specifically explains the nature and risk of concussion and head injury, including the risk of continuing to play after a concussion or head injury (to be signed by parents). This is required each seasonal year.
  3. Possible concussion notification form (when a concussion has been suspected).
  4. Medical clearance form, which includes a written medical clearance to return stating that the youth athlete no longer exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion or other head injury.
  5. Return to play concussion protocols (outlined medical clearance form).

FYSA has created documentation for affiliates to ensure compliance with Florida Statute 943.0438 (posted to the FYSA website). FYSA affiliates are responsible for the collection and keeping of these documents for ALL registered players. Affiliates may recreate these forms digitally or create their own as long as they meet the required criteria above.


Primary Field Declarations:

Primary Field Declarations will be completed for all affiliates based on declarations from 2019-2020 Re-Affiliation Forms.  Affiliates only need to submit CHANGES   using the Primary Field Declaration Form in GotSoccer . Per FYSA bylaws, all changes to Primary Field must be approved by the FYSA BOD.


Secondary Field Declarations:

Each Affiliate will also need to submit all secondary field requests through GotSoccer.

FYSA will be requiring submission of a lease or agreement that your affiliate is authorized to use the fields you have declared for both primary and secondary.