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GCFYSL Handbook

Find answers to many of your questions here.

Game Day Instructions

Game Day Documents

Gameday ProcedureS

Printable Instructions


Now that your players are added you can create game-specific Match Cards with those player attending that game. This is helpful for teams with more than 18 players on the roster.  Match Cards can be cloned from previous events. This is an optional Match Card process. You are also allowed to print your full rostered Match Card and cross off players not attending.  

How to Set a Match Day Roster 

  • includes adding Club Pass players
  • includes cloning a previous event day roster

Rescheduling a Game

Looking to reschedule an upcoming game? See the Reschedules Page here.

Entering Blackout Dates (Schedule Requests)

A maximum of 4 blackout dates will be accommodated.

If you did not enter what weekends you are unavailable during registration (blackout days), be sure to add them prior to the deadline. Requests are not guaranteed to be honored and will not be accepted if submitted after the league’s cutoff date.

The following holidays are automatically free of games and do not require a blackout: Easter weekend, Mother’s Day Sunday, Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend.

Download the instructions below:


The Videos below were part of the GotSport Onboarding. They still provide some good visual training, though note that a few features have since changed in GotSport.

GotSport Training Part 1

GotSport Training Part 2

GotSport Training Part 3