How to Add Club Pass Players

IMPORTANT: Please consult your Registrar for permission to add Club Pass players yourself. Many clubs require the Registrar to perform this.

  1. Login to GotSport at
  2. Click on Team Management.
  3. Click on your team name.
  4. Click on the Roster tab.
  5. For Select Event Roster, select the current GCFYSL season and click Search.
  6. Click on Add Club Pass Player.
  7. Enter the player First/Last Name and Date of Birth. This must be entered exactly as it appears on their pass.
  8. Click Search. The player will populate if the information matches them in the system.
  9. Enter Jersey Number. For Competitive Level choose USYS Competitive (this may autofill). Keep Role as Player.
  10. Click Add. The player is added to the Match Card and the passes.

If you do not want to print the full page of passes you can request a single pass PDF from your Registrar. You MUST have the player's pass at check-in. NO PASS - NO PLAY.

See full GotSport instructions here.