Gameday Procedures


Pre-Game: Teams must have the Match Card roster set by noon Friday prior to the match. 

  • Both teams print the Match Card (the Away team as a backup). 
  • Teams must also print their official FYSA roster and have it on hand in case any player needs to be validated.
  • Teams must have FYSA Medical Release Forms for each player at each game.

Game Check-In:

  • Check-in takes place 30 minutes prior to game kickoff
  • The Home team presents the referee the GCF Match Card with the rosters of both teams listed on it. No players may be handwritten onto the Match Card. 
  • Both teams present their player/coach/manager passes, which will be returned after the game. Any player or coach who does not have a current laminated pass may not participate. NO PASS – NO PLAY.
  • Both teams must also have their official FYSA roster on hand.

Post Game: 

  • Both teams verify the score entered and the coach or manager initials the card. 
  • Both teams retrieve their passes and cleanup their bench areas.
  • The Home team reports the score through GotSport within 24 hours. If the score is not reported by then, the visiting club may enter the result.
  • The Home team submits the Match Report to GCF within 72 hours following the game.