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Reschedule Requests

We are no longer using the GotSport Game Change Request tool. Use the forms below instead.

Rescheduling a Game

Clubs MUST submit a reschedule request form to officially have a match moved on the master schedule.

Clubs MUST include their league Point of Contact (POC) in all schedule planning. This guarantees field and referee assignments. Coaches and/or managers cannot reschedule games on their own. The POC and GCF must be notified.

Clubs MAY communicate with each other to determine an alternate date, time and location for a rescheduled game. Bring the POC into the conversation early and be sure they have the necessary information to request the change.

GotSport Chat is a valuable tool but be sure the proper contacts are receiving the messages. It is ideal for Coaches and Managers (and POCs if included on the team) to be included in the discussions.

Both teams must have agreed to the reschedule before submitting the Request Form, and must comply with GCFYSL rules.

All requests must be submitted before Wednesday, 5:00pm prior to the original fixture.

Once the new details are final, use the links below to request a game to be rescheduled. This form is to be submitted by the CLUB POC requesting the reschedule.

To Reschedule a Game non-weather related

Us thhe link below to submit a request for Reschedule due to schedule conflicts or other reasons not related to weather. Use your current GotSport login. This form is to be submitted by the POC of the club requesting the reschedule, or a POC-designated Coach or Manager.

A $25 (+processing) fee is charged for each reschedule. (See grace period voucher above.)

All requests must be submitted before Wednesday, 5:00pm prior to the original fixture.

To Reschedule a Game due to weather cancellation

Use the link below to submit a Reschedule request for games canceled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions only. Use your current GotSport login. No fee is associated with this form.

(Note, we are currently suspending the GotSport Game Change Request procedure.)

CONTACTS questions, vouchers, issues Neutral Field planning League communication, questions, issues (includes Mike Sroka and staff who can assist you) Patty Herodier, Finance related questions or issues



We understand that not all games have been assigned times and therefore conflicts may arise after the grace period. Contact to request a voucher for this or any instance during the season where a voucher is warranted.

To use a given voucher code and zero-out the form fee, enter the code on the Features screen and click Apply. (This is the screen that shows the CC processing fee.)


Note: we are now past the grace period and initial voucher code. The final day of the grace period was Tuesday, Sept 13.