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Spring Season 2023

Spring Dates

Registration Deadline Feb 4
Blackout Dates Deadline Feb 4
Final Divisions Released Feb 6
Schedule Release Week 1 schedule will be posted on 2/25; the remainder will be entered once GotSport is functional
All Reschedule Requests Due Dependent on when GotSport returns
Season Opening Weekend March 4-5
No Games Scheduled April 8-9, Easter weekend
Spring Break Weekends Most counties have the same week off, if you are blacking out a weekend PICK ONLY ONE. Blocking both the weekend before and after Spring Break will limit your available gamedays.
League 2 Division Playoffs Saturday, May 13
Final Game Weekend May 27-28, all games must be rescheduled by this date

It's been a trying time dealing with the GotSport down time and hopefully all will be in order for this weekend's games. We will continue with the manual spreadsheet schedule for Week 1, Clubs have been asked to fill any remaining missing times and fields.



The full season schedule will be posted on GotSport on Friday. A deadline will then be set for reschedule requests. Continue to use the Week 1 Schedule for now. Multiple clubs moved teams after the Week 1 schedule was released. There will be no further movement between divisions at this time.

   Spring Schedule | Week 1


Game Day

Game check-in requirements are the same as the Spring season: Game Card + Player Passes + Coach passes. Have an FYSA roster available if needed for confirmation. Given the GotSport downtime there will be some leniency with writing players onto a Game Card for this weekend only but ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE PASSES.

   Game Day Instructions on Club Resources


Game Cards

The Week 1 schedule will be published in GotSport late on Friday. You will be able to access the Game Cards as usual. All players must appear on the Game Card, Coaches should also be shown. If you have any difficulty a generic form is available.

   Game Day Instructions on Club Resources

   Generic Game Card - be sure to have a copy of your Roster for check-in


Filling Your Roster - IMPORTANT

All Clubs (or Teams if allowed) should be populating their rosters. If your GCF event roster still shows without players, contact your Registrar. If your club allows, follow the instructions to clone your existing FYSA roster. All coaches and players should appear on the roster so that they will be shown on the Game Card.

   Populating Your Roster



Several teams requested immediate reschedules of this weekend's games. Now that GotSport is back up, please use team chat to choose a makeup date and submit a Game Change Request. The Spring season is tight, we ask that you avoid reschedules as much as possible. Please be in communication with parents to know far ahead of time when guest players may be needed. Canceling a game due to a shortage of players should be a last resort.

   Reschedules - Game Change Requests


GCF Communication

Please note that the following emails are being retired. All communication to GCF should go to a email:


  • (Mike Sroka)


  • - main email for questions or issues
  • - reach Mike Sroka directly
  • - reach Patty Herodier, Treasurer, financial issues
  • - reschedule issues
  • - neutral field scheduling